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Chachi’s Kit

This is my essential kit for general work around the studio and on job sites. My main needs are portability, ease of organization and flexibility. I work in a variety of fabrication industries constructing spaces and objects, frequently welding and woodworking.

Instead of a traditional toolbox, I use a Nantucket Diddy Bagg, a gift from my father. Beautifully designed by fellow New Englander, Charlie Cirigliano, this sturdy canvas bag holds the majority of my layout and hand tools. I am neurotic about keeping my tools organized, and this bag reflects my style. I mentally assigned a tool to each pocket, and after three years of use I can instantly tell which tools are missing by quickly peeking inside. A clever pattern and strong zipper allows you to have the pockets inside/outside or lay/hang the bag flat. The straps can be configured for use as a tote or backpack.

Kit List with links to online retailers

Nantucket Diddy Bagg
Makita 18V Drill/Driver Set
PB Swiss Tools Metric Ballend Hex Set
Wiha Standard Ballend Hex Set
Lux Tools Screwdriver set
Lux Tools Screwdrivers
Husky Screwdriver
Combination Wrench Set
Adjustable Crescent Wrenches
Channellock 12″ Plier
Brittool Swivel Head Ratchet
Makita Socket Set
GearWrench Micro Driver Set
Knipex Round Nose Pliers
Channellock Needle Nose Pliers
Reflex Wire Stripper
NT Cutter Utility Knife
Olfa Utility Knife
Stanley 25′ Tape Measure
Starrett Miter Saw Protractor
Empire Rafter Square
Empire 6″ Combination Square
T Bevel
14″ Level
Center Punch
Nail Set
Dasco Pro Pry Bar
Estwing Pro Claw
Lux Tools mini saw
Silky Hibiki Ryoba Saw
Metal File
Wood Rasp
20 Ounce Hammer
Stencil Brush
Bone Folder
Drill drivers, Bits and Countersinks