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Other Places art fair fundraiser and forum Sept 23, 2018 is pleased to announce Other Places art fair fundraiser and forum
(OPafff)​, a one-day event in support of Other Places art fair (OPaf). OPafff takes place on Sunday,
September 23, at California Carts in Glassell Park from 5PM – 9PM.
Modeled after a neighborhood carnival, OPafff’s visitors can play artist-designed midway games of skill
and chance and win artwork donated by contemporary artists. Carnival goers can also enjoy food, drinks
and music, have a caricature drawn, and participate in forums and discussions about the current
movement of artist-run project spaces in Los Angeles and beyond.
All proceeds from OPafff will be used to offset costs for OPaf 2019 and related projects, helping support
the ever growing community of alternative art spaces.

Sunday, September 23, 2018, 5PM – 9PM
California Carts
2500A N San Fernando Rd
Los Angeles, CA 90065
Free admission.
-Forums and discussions by Chris Hanke, Aitor Lajarin, John Burtle, and guests.
-Music, DJs. performances and karaoke provided by Tingo Tongo Tapes and ELEVATOR MONDAYS.
-Midway games and attractions presented by Stone Chisel, Yard Pedro, Bed & Breakfast, Vacancy
Projects, Gas Gallery, Pure Cream, California Carts, and more with prizes by Sarah McMenimen, John
Burtle, Ben Tong, Tingo Tongo, Astrelle Johnquest, Lena Wolek and Emily Marchand, Caleb Lyons,
Jonathon Hornedo, Thomas Lawson, Nick Rodrigues, Tyler Matthew Oyer, Reuben Merringer, Aitor
Lajarin, Alise Spinella, Cody Trepte, 1992 Toyota Corolla (BLACK), Ignacio Perez Meruane, Steve Kado,
Ross Simonini, Min Song, Keith Rocka Knittel, Jeremy Ehling, Marcello Dolce, Don Edler, and others.
-Caricatures by John Hogan.
-Deep fried pizza by Mama Fibi.

About OPaf:
Fluid in definition, bonded by an intention to operate in other places outside the traditional commercial art
gallery system, OPaf features participants presenting site-specific booths encapsulating their projects and
programming. Representing this growing movement of art project spaces, OPaf provides a custom art fair
structure designed specifically for these unconventional projects.